International Referee Report


Report Prepared By:             Peter Lucas

Event Covered By Report:     13th Asian Junior Men’s Volleyball Championships
                                         Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran
                                         (Qualification Event for 2007 Men’s U20 World Volleyball

Dates:                                September 13 - 21, 2006




13th Asian Junior Men’s Volleyball Championships


1. Australian Team Delegation
Head Coach              Mr. Dan Ilott
Assistant Coach        Mr. Roger Darkins
Statistican                Mr. Steve Benson
Referee                    Mr. Peter Lucas

1. Michael Snart       189 cm (Libero)
2. Joshua Thorpe      199 cm
6. Igor Yudin             200 cm (Captain)
7. Travis Passier       210 cm
8. Aidan Zingel          204 cm
9. Fred Marsh           212 cm
11.Adam White         200 cm
12. Greg Sukochev    196 cm
13. John Dekker        206 cm
15. Nils Langford       196 cm
16. William Thwaite  210 cm


2. Participating Teams
Australia, Bahrain, China, Chinese Taiwan, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, I.R. Iran (Iraq withdrew in the week preceding the tournament) 


3. Travel
Visa required

I traveled with the AIS based athletes from Canberra to Sydney.  We joined the remaining team members in Sydney and traveled together for the forward and return journeys.

Sunday, 10th September @ 20:30 - Sydney to Tehran (via Bangkok and Dubai on Emirates Airlines)
Travel Time: 24 hours
Air time: 19 hours

Friday 22nd September @ 04:30 -  Tehran to Sydney (via Dubai and Bangkok on Emirates Airlines)
Travel Time: 24 hours
Air time: 19 hours


4. Tournament Format
• Round Robin
• Total of Thirty Six (36) matches
• First two (2) qualify for World Championships August 2007
• Technical Time Outs were used as some matches were televised live


5. Technical Officials
Asian Volleyball Confederation Control Committee
• Mr. Essa Hamza Ahmad             Chairman (Kuwait)
• Mr. Mohammed  Al Thawadi      Technical Delegate (Bahrain)
• Mr. Gh Derakhshandeh              Technical Delegate (Iran)
• Mr. Mohammed Habib Ali           Referee Delegate (Kuwait)
• Mr. Liu Chau Yi                         RSC Member (Taipei)
• Mr. Tomoyuki Nishikawa            RSC Member (Japan)
• Mr. Ebrahim Nemati                  RSC Member (I. R. Iran)

Iran Organizing Committee Technical Members - Twenty (20)

Referees in Attendance
1. Peter Lucas (AUS)                     International Referee
2. Wimal Amarasinghe (Sri Lanka)  International Referee
3. Wensheng Luo (China)               International Referee
4. Khaled Al Hantoubi (UAE)           International Referee
5. Ahmed Al Sheebani (Qatar)        International Referee
6. Takeshi Tsukamoto (Japan)        International Referee
7. Soon-Kil Suh  (Korea)                International Referee
8. Jirasak Pumduang (Thailand)      International Referee
9. Pei Ying Hsu (Taipei)                  International Referee
10. A. Rahamn Al Marfadi (Yemen)  International Referee
11. Ilias Shameem Mulla (India)      International Referee
12. Bassam Gemayel (Lebanon)       International Candidate
13. Keyvan Abedzadeh (Iran)           International Candidate
14. Asghar Merzaei Nahr (Iran)        International Candidate
15. Ali Abdul Nabi (Bahrain)             International Candidate
16. Yaman Yaman (Indonesia)         International Candidate
17. Abdul Ameer (Kuwait)               International Candidate

In the light of the conflict in Lebanon the AVC invited Bassam Gemayel as a sign of good will. Bassam’s invitation made the total number of candidates wishing to complete their three official games six. This meant a total of eighteen games were already earmarked for these referees.


6. Venue
• Azadi Gymnasium, I.R. Iran Sports Complex, Tehran
• Capacity 2,000 seated, air-conditioned and Taraflex flooring.
• The court equipment (poles, net, antenna, referee’s stand) were in reasonable condition for the tournament.


7. Referees Technical Meeting
• Wednesday 13th September - 14:00 hrs @ Azadi Stadium
• Present Control Committee, Referees, Scorers and Line judges.

The Tournament Handbook was distributed to all international referees.

There was nothing new discussed at this meeting in terms of rules and or applications of the rules.

We were instructed that the AVC was now adopting Protocol “B” (30 minute protocol) and this would be implemented for this tournament

There would be no alcohol testing for the tournament, as there are no testing units in Iran due to it being a “dry” country because of religion.

The majority of the scorers and line judges I recognized from my previous visit to Tehran in 2000. They were very experienced and I did not observe any line judges being overruled during any of the matches


8. Referee Clinic
• Wednesday 13th September – 10:00 at Azadi Stadium
• Practice on scrimmage match (local league teams). The game standard was adequate for the purpose.
• Present Organising Committee, Control Committee, Referees, Scorers,   Line judges, Announcer, Moppers and Ball retrievers.


9. General Technical Meeting
• Wednesday 13th September @ 18:00 hours @ Azadi Stadium. (Coat and tie)
• Present Organising Committee, Control Committee, Referees, Coaches,Heads of Delegation and Media.

Mr. Mohamad Habib presented the Referees to the meeting.

10. Accommodation
• Azadi Grand Hotel, Tehran (4 star)
• Olympic Hotel, Tehran (4 star)

Up until the first Saturday of the tournament the RSC and referees were accommodated at the Azadi  Grand  Hotel. All meals were provided at the hotel and although monotonous, were ample and did not cause any concerns. The Azadi Grand was a 20 minute car/mini bus drive from the venue. As a result we were all moved to the Olympic Hotel which was a leisurely ten minute walk to the stadium (although the organizers insisted that we be driven) We all had separate rooms at both the Azadi Grand and the Olympic Hotel.


11. Transport
• Mini bus and car (air-conditioned).


12. Referee Meetings
• 16th September 10:00 hours @ Olympic Hotel

Mr Mohamed Habib did not arrive until day five of the tournament as he was in Lucerne in meetings at FIVB.

He instructed the referees that the “joust” interpretation was not to be adhered to at this tournament as it had not been ratified by the AVC. As a result all, contested balls at the net that became stationary were to be whistled and a replay was to occur.

We were reminded of Rule  15.10.3;
“At the moment of the substitution request, the player(s) must be ready to enter the court, standing close to the substitution zone.”
This caused some consternation amongst the coaches when their substitutions were denied and they received a delay sanction when the rule was followed to the letter of the law.


13. Referee Appointments
• 3 Matches as First Referee
• 2 Matches as Second Referee
• 3 Match as Reserve Referee

Thursday 14th September @ 14:30 hours
Team 1      Team 2       Appointment           Result
TPE      V    KUW           Second Referee      TPE 3-0 (25:10, 25:13, 25:10) 66 MIN
Referee Evaluation: R4 Result  96 (Very Good)

Friday 15th September @ 17:00 hours
Team 1      Team 2       Appointment           Result
IND      V     PAK           Second Referee      IND 3-0 (25:23, 25:18, 25:21) 80 MIN
Referee Evaluation: R4 Result  98 (Very Good)

Saturday 16th September @ 17:00 hours
Team 1      Team 2       Appointment           Result
IRI      V      CHN           First Referee          IRI 3-0 (25:17, 25:19, 25:15) 74 MIN
Referee Evaluation: R4 Result  96 (Very Good)

Sunday 17th September @ 14:00 hours
Team 1      Team 2       Appointment           Result
UAE      V    PAK            First Referee          PAK 3-2 (17:25, 25:20, 26:24, 18:25, 10:15) 112 MIN
Referee Evaluation: R4 Result  96 (Very Good)

Tuesday 19th September 11:00 hours
Team 1      Team 2       Appointment           Result
BRN      V    PAK            First Referee          PAK 3-0 (25:16, 25:13, 25:17) 65 MIN
Referee Evaluation: R4 Result  92 (Very Good)


I wish to offer my sincere thanks to all members of the Junior Men’s AIS Team and in particular Dan, Roger and Steve, for their support and friendship during the week.

The only concern during week was the status of our return flight due to the military coup in Thailand. We were due to refuel in Bangkok. Fortunately the airport was opened just prior to our departure, otherwise the journey could have been via Singapore, Beijing or Tokyo. This would have added another four to six hours to an already long flight.

Congratulations to the Iranian Volleyball Federation and The AVC Control Committee for the promotion and management of the Tournament and catering for all the referees and other officials.

I met some great referees’ and learned by observing their techniques and application of the rules.

Please do not hesitate to contact the writer on 0413 014 352 if you wish to discuss any aspect of this report.

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